Y’all should check this out. In development by my colleague Philip Howe.


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6 Responses to Project Durverger

  1. trumwill says:

    I don’t understand what this is?

  2. jhanley says:

    I guess it would help if I put in the link.

  3. Oscar Gordon says:

    Hrmmm, something to play with later…

  4. trumwill says:

    I tried to extrapolate from Pew’s Political Typology from some years back (though had to combine a few to get down to 5), and the results were obvious as I was moving things around. Of course, that’s a lack of imagination on my part.

    What I would really love to see is something like this for multi-party systems. Such a thing could be really instructive for how many parties different systems might produce.

    But that’s asking for something apart from the mission of this.

    • James Hanley says:

      Actually, multi-party systems and differing electoral systems are precisely the purpose of the project. My colleague is a comparative theorist with a particular focus on democracy in ethnically divided states. This is the beta version of the project, with much development still to come.

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