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Every now and again I will see an odd couple where the guy is considerably less attractive than the woman. That’s not always so surprising when the guy makes up for his looks with charisma, but the odd ones are when I talk to the guy and he seems to have a somewhat dull and unremarkable personality.

I’ve finally stumbled on a the missing link between nearly every couple where this is the case that comes to mind:

What the guy lacks in appearance and charisma, he makes up for in tolerance. When I finally talk to the girlfriend or spouse, she ends up having an extremely obnoxious, cold, hypermelodramatic, and/or annoying demeanor. They’re not necessarily unkind to their man, but they find a way to be chalkboard-grating obnoxious even when they’re not trying to be mean.

I remember one guy I met whose girlfriend was so smug, self-important, and abrasive that I wanted to quietly leave the guy a note letting him know that yes, he rose above his station, but no, it’s definitely not worth it.

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From The Independent:

In the moments before the cell phone picked up the incident, Richards was evidently told by two black hecklers that he wasn’t funny. He turned on them almost immediately, telling them he was rich and could have them arrested and escorted out of the place if he felt like it. That didn’t go down too well, and the hecklers let him know they didn’t appreciate him lording it over them.

“Didn’t appreciate him lording it over them…” makes one thing it was a gentemanly exchange prior to the racial epithets and lynching threats.

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