Sheila Tone (stone) is a West Coaster, breeder, and lawyer who has probably hooked up with some loser just like you and sees through your whole pathetic little act.

Mal Blue (bluem) is a software design and implementation specialist. When he’s not traveling the country for work, he lives in the Gulf Coast area with his flatmate, Neela.

James Hanley (jhanley) teaches political science and political economy at a small private college in the midwest. He was a cabby once, and a bike messenger.

Gabriel Conroy (conroy, fka Pierre Corneille and corneille1640) works in the “special records” department at a library in the University of Sangamon (U-Sang) system. He is happily married with no children and about a million nieces and nephews and grand-nieces and nephews. His favorite hobbies are blogging, reading, and walking. His has a solo blog–Ye Olde Republicke and is a frequent commenter/reader at the Ordinary Times. The views expressed by Gabriel (or Pierre, or corneille1640) are his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of his spouse, employer, or his co-bloggers at Hitcoffee.

Guy Webster (web) is an IT specialist at Southern Tech University, where he and Will Truman attended college.

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