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Thanks to the good folks at Domain-by-Proxy and my paranoid attempts to keep even my location a secret (only the webmaster and my wife know about the site), Hit Coffee provides excellent cover for even the most paranoid blogger.

More than once people have commented that they wish that they could take advantage of anonymity. Well here’s your chance. If I know who you are (ie you comment or you have emailed me) I will provide you space to vent about your job. I’ll even help you set up a secret identity in my little fictional map if you like.

If you are at all interested, email me and let me know.

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I now know that I have been in Deseret for too long.

Back in Colosse, whenever I saw a mother under the age of 25 – married or not – I wondered how exactly that happened. I mean I know how that happens, but I figure that there was some miscalculation along the way.

I found myself thinking about a colleague at Falstaff in Accout Services. I thought to myself “I wonder why she doesn’t have children?”

Because… you know… all normal married 25 year olds should have kids.

I am even at the point that I consider marriage at 25 to be normal and am curious when I meet someone over 25 that is not married.

Heaven help me, by pure osmosis I am absorbing their view of the family…

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Okay, so some of my posts have gotten out of order somehow. Broken Promises was for some reason sent back in time. I tried to bring it to the top, but brought Talkin’ Trash to the top instead. So if you are so inclined, you may want to check the three preceeding posts to make sure that you caught them all.

Oh, and if any of you are for some reason using to access this site, I am letting it expire.

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