I now know that I have been in Deseret for too long.

Back in Colosse, whenever I saw a mother under the age of 25 – married or not – I wondered how exactly that happened. I mean I know how that happens, but I figure that there was some miscalculation along the way.

I found myself thinking about a colleague at Falstaff in Accout Services. I thought to myself “I wonder why she doesn’t have children?”

Because… you know… all normal married 25 year olds should have kids.

I am even at the point that I consider marriage at 25 to be normal and am curious when I meet someone over 25 that is not married.

Heaven help me, by pure osmosis I am absorbing their view of the family…

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5 Responses to It Gets To You

  1. logtar says:

    You have been tainted! RUN!

  2. Webmaster says:

    Wow. I found the reverse; I used to consider kids-by-21 as the “normal” thing (keep in mind where I grew up and it might not be as big a surprise) but kids-out-of-wedlock the unusual one.

    Living here in Colosse, the rarity isn’t kids under 25. It’s either (A) minority with kids under 25, who does have a wedding ring or (B) non-minority with kids under 25, who lacks a wedding ring.

    And that’s scary, because I watch the 18-30 crowd all day long at work.

  3. trumwill says:


    I’m exclusively referring to having kids in wedlock. Those that are over 25 and single I wonder why they’re single. That’s another difference between Colosse and Mocum. There are comparatively few kids born out-of-wedlock that I run in to at my white-collar employer (comparing even to similar demographics in Delosa). Still a number of single moms, but most are divorced.

    Clancy, on the other hand, sees the other side of things out here. Even lilly-white rural/suburban Deseret has its share of single mothers.

  4. Becky says:

    You would experience a huge culture shock in Seattle, where there are so many people well into their 30s that are single (and not divorced).

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