Identical CousinsHow two similar-looking black men with the same name gave birth to the process of fingerprinting in criminal justice.

A speculative look back on what the Martian ocean may have looked like.

Leonard Pitts laments the equating of politics and moral character.

Jon Cryer wrote an autobiography where he talks about watching the meltdown of Charlie Sheen.

New York has high cigarette taxes, which results in a significant black market. Much of which comes from Virginia. So what responsibility, if any, does Virginia have here? There are some interesting parallels here with NY:VA::USA:Mexico.

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that our county isn’t on this list of fast-growing exurbs of DC.

Heather Gerken and James Dawson explain the virtues of spillover state laws, which is when a law in one state has an effect on another. They approve! As a would-be federalist, so do I.

As we’ve transitioned from cigarettes to smartphones, William Davies wonders what we lost along the way.

Brandy Zadrozny vs Liz Pardue-Schultz on whether or not stay-at-home mothers should be able to call what they do a “job.”

The stereotype is of women whose biological clocks are tick-tick-ticking trying to convince reluctant men to have kids, but that’s not always how it works and in fact it more often works the other way. I know in my life, where there has been a disparity, it’s usually been the women that are more reticent than the men.

Everything you may have wanted to know about chasing gravitational waves.

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7 Responses to Linkluster Kentucky

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    So, the thing I really want to know is…

    When can I surf gravitational waves?

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    Also, the Pitts piece: very much agree, such tolerance is something in short supply as of late.

    • jhanley says:


    • Agreed, too. My only quibble with Pitts’s column, is that I’m not sure how new this is. He actually has evidence (the PEW poll) and I don’t, just a nagging sense that what he’s describing isn’t necessarily new. Not that we shouldn’t try for the ideal anyway.

  3. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that our county isn’t on this list of fast-growing exurbs of DC.

    OTOH, I’m amazed that people would commute from Frederick County, VA to the DC area given that there’s still a considerable chunk of rural area that’s much closer. FWIW, 40 miles from NYC is still filled with actual commuters to the core, but commuting levels to the core start to peter out at that point with the extremes being in the 75 to 85 mile range. After a certain point, you’re just going to some other non-core employer, and I suspect some of that is true with the exurban commuters despite the presence of the HOV lane, MARC and VRE and other private bus lines.

    As for your county, the upside is that it may remain quiet for now, but the downside is that speculation won’t increase your home equity. 🙂

    • trumwill says:

      Yeah, that’s the tension. If we’re going to be staying, I am cool with things being the way they are! But if we’re moving, it would be really, really good for us if there were a lot of in-migration. We are sitting on some unique property.

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