bunnykill3“The promise of the management class is that they could manage colleges better than faculty. They have wildly failed at this on every level.”-Garry Canavan

Gracy Olmstead laments – and collects lamentations – on the expanding empire of child-free cities. Seattle is contemplating membership in the club.

It might indeed be “good for cities” to take cars off the road. Except that it’s not what people want.

The City Journal suggests that California’s blanket primary system could cost Democrats.

Vamien asks and answers the question of whether Arrow is a huge rip-off of Batman. The answer is the affirmative. When watching the Arrow-Flash crossover, it very much made me think of the Batman-Superman relationship.

bunnykill2Andrea Moore grew up in a crack-addled house, but feared being taken away from it.

Cleveland State wants its students to graduate on time, and they’re willing to pay for it. As we seek to hold colleges accountable for the results of their students’ progress, there may be more programs like this – and more done to entice the very students most likely to graduate on time. It’s an interesting set of incentives.

Kevin Williamson argues that our current transportation systems are royalist. There are actually some good points in here, but they’re not all easy to notice amidst attempts are partisan point-scoring.

bunnykillIn a piece about Iran, Spengler argues that rule-of-the-majority is superior to democracy. I was actually pondering a minoritarian form of government for an alien race for a story. The basic idea is simple: The minority’s innate vulnerability leaves them in a position where they have to heed the majority, in a way that’s not true for the inverse.

I think I’ve heard this before, but I can’t remember: The color blue is a relatively modern invention.

I love this: Peeing on a particular wall in Germany was becoming such a problem, they invented a way so that the wall will pee back.

Aaron Carroll talks about penis size.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Colleges in Utkal University

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Edit:I love this: Being Peeing on a particular wall in Germany…

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Oh, my. “Crisis mentality” at universities. I thought mine was the only one that had the freakout-of-the-week. (I’m slowly learning to discount by about 80% what comes down from On High)

    And yeah: letting the people actually doing a lot of the work, some of whom have been in academia for 20+ years, have a say, is a pretty good idea. Sadly, the whole “centralized government” thing is a fad right now.

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