I finally got to listen to this audiobook, in its intended order. It turned out it was an issue with the file naming rather than it being on random. Which meant that I needed to go back and change a lot of file names.

The funny thing is that no matter what order you “read” the story, the sniper really does come out of nowhere. Though since I was aware that there would be a sniper, I found myself waiting in anticipation for it and was a little less surprised. The timing surprised me because, like I said, out of nowhere.

The random scene that describes the book most closely is, of all things, “He’s having dinner with someone and the food is being described.”

Though the title (“The Last Juror”) suggests its a legal thriller of some sort, it’s really not. It’s mostly just a show about the weird goings-on of a small Mississippi town through the eyes of an outsider who runs the local paper.

It wasn’t a bad book, but I might have enjoyed it more listening to it out-of-order.

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