I told David Alexander last week that I would try to get a picture of my driveway to explain why we kind of have trepidation about it. And so I did.

The first picture is actually of Ford Lane, where we live. Though five of us have Ford Lane addresses, only three of us have to drive any distance on Ford Lane, and we have the steepest incline. We’re the house way down at the end, behind and to the left of the red/brown house visible on the right:


The next one is actually “our driveway” in the sense that even though some of it may be Ford Lane, it only leads up to our house and is past our property line.


It’s entirely possible that the incline isn’t as visible on the second one, as I didn’t have a flat surface to show the picture on.

UPDATE: I should have included a picture from our house to the street:


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2 Responses to Our Driveway & Ford Lane [Updated]

  1. Now I see why you want another vehicle with AWD. I’d still say try snow tires with Clancy’s car, and given the grade, I’d suggest it for your Subaru…

    BTW, I hope you and your neighbours have a good reputation with your local snow plow guy…

  2. trumwill says:

    Yeah, I need to get on the snow tires.

    We have a snow plow guy lined up (the lawn guy). If you look closely, you will see orange polls. That’s so he knows where to clear.

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