TallbrideThe heartwarming story of an Arizona dog that finds new purpose in a kitten shelter.

Michael Brendan Dougherty throws cold water on those celebrating the recent news on divorce rates.

A mammoth skeleton estimated to be 70,000 years old has been found in Idaho.

Robin Hanson writes about rituals through the context of sincerity and tradition. This is not a good description – its hard to describe – but I strongly recommend this relatively short post.

Sadinia has one of the more unique plans for secession that I am aware of. They want to leave Italy, join Switzerland, and become a charter city.

BabyPaintingEunice Park claims to ghost-write Chinese students’ Ivy League admissions essays.

Catching up on the unschooled, and what becomes of them. Another study looks at homeschooled, to investigate whether concerns over socialization are justified.

If your food lacks zing, maybe you need a zap from the spoon.

Rugby is one of those sports I have long wanted to learn about. Boosters are looking to raise its profile in the United States.

The mystery of the ancient stone circles.

China looks to improve its air and energy security by turning coal into gas, but climate change activists are horrified and some analysts don’t think it’ll work.

Doom rooms! How the classic video game is influencing construction design of hospitals and work environments.

Intergalactic wormholes are popular in fiction, but hard in science.

Scientists had previously thought that a three-star solar system wouldn’t allow planets to form, but it may be happening.

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