A little while ago a friend shared this video, which is of a construction worker in Houston stuck on a balcony of an apartment building on fire. It’s pretty gripping.

Moreso than the people who were incinerated on impact, and even those in the planes who knew what was going to happen, are those that were stuck in the inferno. Who started the day going to work, and ended the day choosing between being burned alive or jumping. Of all of the 9/11 images, it’s the jumpers that hits me the hardest.

This video has a happy ending. I wouldn’t be sharing it if it didn’t. But when I saw it, I thought of today.

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  1. As an off-topic note, a similar unit is going up near my office, and one of my co-workers was rather surprised that it was going up in wood. Then a recalled that a blogger noted that such construction would be illegal in New York for an apartment. I suspect that banning wood for apartment construction drives up costs, but judging by how that fire played out, I suspect it’s cheaper in the long-run and better for the fire department.

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