As Hit Coffee readers know, I am famously against nail polish. And yet, I have recently run across a type of nail polish that I approve of:

It’s a nail polish that doubles as a way to thwart sexual assault – and it’s being developed at N.C. State University: Undercover Colors.

The chemistry startup, developed by undergrads, is creating a nail polish that, when exposed to date rape drugs, changes color.

The nail polish is a scientific attempt to thwart a nationwide problem. A recent Washington Post analysis showed more than 3,900 allegations of forcible sex offenses on college campuses nationwide in 2012, a statistic that rose 50 percent in three years. Fourteen such offenses were reported at N.C. State between 2010 and 2012. During that same time period, 30 were alleged at Duke University and 52 at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Maybe, better yet, they can have one that’s clear that only colorizes when exposed to the chemicals! But even subtracting that, it’s a pretty great idea. Even if Mark Cuban also thinks so.

Charles Hill points out that it doesn’t work with other drugs, like strawberry daiquiries.

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