The success of some charter schools is often attributed to their ability to kick out underperformers and problem kids. A new Mathmatica study makes the case that it isn’t true for KIPP programs. Personally, I question whether KIPP is scalable, but not on the basis of student selection.

True love waits! Or more precisely, early sex is a pathway to non-marital cohabitation, while waiting to have sex is a pathway to marriage (and better marriages, at that). Beware confounding factors, of course.

According to a study in the Oxford University Press, children of two-parent households do better even when there is a generous welfare state. (PDF) Another study by the NIH looking at Sweden shows that the effects on criminality among teenage mothers is attenuated when looking at other factors, though educational attainment (of the children) is not.

The case for universal basic income, with empirical evidence!

Shouldn’t The Economist know better than to pretend that job scarcity and falling wages in Japan are not paradoxical?

Telegram not dead STOP Alive, evolving in Japan STOP

Chris Bowyer makes the case against college in five parts (and counting).

On the other hand, it pays to go to college if you want to be a prostitute.

Maybe political polarization isn’t so bad, if the alternative is Rhode Island.

How do you stop a gas well blowout? With a nuclear bomb, of course. (link via Vikram Bath)

Coal ash is responsible for more radiation than nuclear energy.

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