Though Hit Coffee Weekend has been retired, I can’t resist bringing it back for something that it’s best that y’all watch on the weekend and not from work. Two of these three videos are rather… sensual… (the last just goofy) though there’s nothing explicit in it. But even so, here are three music videos I’m going to have to drop from our rotation at home for Lain’s benefit:

The first you may be familiar with. It won a lot of awards and is the music video of a classic:

The next is the tale of a woman who done a man wrong, from the woman’s point of view:

Fair’s fair, and the last one is the tale of a man trying to get the attention of all of the women around him. The main reason I love this video is what starts happening after 2:50 or so:

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2 Responses to HCW: NSFW

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    uhhhh….uhhhggggh…. Oh, jeebus.

    The first third was dull, the second third was funny …. and that last third is just seared into my mental screen. I may have PTSD from that.

  2. trumwill says:

    Happy to oblige!

    You thought the second one was funny?

    The first is a classic, though maybe has lost its edge in the Age of Twerk. I’m partially indifferent to the allure of the lady Because Nail Polish.

    I don’t even like the song on the third. I love that video, though. I think Clancy thought my appreciation of it was odd.

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