Old photos of Singapore.

How the U-Boat was sunk. Science!

The case for a hippie-dippie approach to education.

It’s interesting the extent to which the internet and social media may inhibit, rather than promote, free behavior. I am Trumwill largely on the basis of googlability.

How much is China’s relationship with North Korea revealed by meth?

No, cable does not have a 97% profit margin.

How police departments are using lapel cameras to watch the watchmen. (WSJ subscription required, unfortunately.) It’s good that the cops are recording the interactions, since we’d run a risk of going to jail if we did.

The skyscraper of the future?

The Dutch’s efforts to legalize prostitution has not been without its problems. My impression is that it’s been working out well in Nevada?

For sale! Girlfriends on Facebook. For a real girlfriend, perhaps you should photoshop yourself onto a Centaur.

Even the Internet is better when you’re rich.

How we might be able to reconstruct early human languages with software.

The pingpong machine and the industrial revolution. Also, the legacy of Fredric Wertham.

How to combat bullying. The notion of teaching kids to “step in” was undercut by every policy that every school I ever attended had. Not without reason, but getting involved at all was more likely to get you detention than any accolades.

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  1. Peter says:

    Nevada keeps the legal brothels in rural areas well away from Las Vegas and Reno. That seems to keep things relatively trouble-free, though I’m not sure exactly why.

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