The existing template made it difficult to respond on my phone, which made it difficult to respond more quickly.

That problem aside was a little too gadgety for my tastes at the expense of the basics (like showing how many comments were on a given post without having to click or hover over something. It was also really hard to tinker with the code. This one has fewer options, though, and will require more going into the code myself (but so far, seems easier to tinker). But before I do, thoughts? Better? Worse? Is the green-on-blue legible?

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2 Responses to New Template

  1. ScarletKnight says:

    I like the new template as well. It is nice to immediately know how many comments a particular post has generated.

    I also have no problems with legibility.

    While you are fixing things, Lion of the Sphere actually calls himself Lion of the Blogosphere. Also, Maria the Problem is not even a dead blog at this point; it no longer exists.

    • trumwill says:

      I cannot bring myself to use the actual name Lion gave himself. That is as close as I’ll get.

      I will be going through and changing up the links when I get some free time. I’ll be dropping the dead blogs, existent or not.

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