David Frum wants to know… what happened to Peak Oil? Are we passing Peak Renewables? Will geothermal change the game?

Mall cop, Internet hero.

Does the (ostensibly supportive) press has a tendency to be harder on female executives than male ones? They certainly get more scrutiny. It’s unlikely Yahoo would get nearly the attention if their CEO was male (or a less photogenic female). That’s a double-edged sword, to say the least.

Some of the biggest obstacles of women in the workplace are other women. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox thinks young men won’t help because they’re on the defensive. AM Slaughter thinks we need to take gender out of the work-life equation and focus on improving the balance for everybody.

Immigrant courting and marriage in the Age of Skype.

Claire McCaskill is my new favorite senator for the moment.

Something seriously must be going on at Microsoft if they are even remotely considering Office for Linux.

Will we be severing area codes and areas? It seems to me that “national area codes” are an unquestionable good, though I do have an attachment to local area codes, too.

Is the S4 Samsung’s last attempt to ape Apple’s success? They seem to have big plans. Plans that may not involve Android. Google is apparently worried about Samsung.

Public opinion on anti-obesity laws is mixed.

Cutting Medicare payments can backfire.

When I find myself worrying about the end of antibiotic effectiveness, I find myself feeling better when I read things like this. It gives me hope that we will have some tricks up our sleeves.

Even congress gets a good idea occasionally. In this case, helping startups the same way we help established companies.

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  1. Fnord says:

    “Cutting medicare payments can backfire” links to the book on human evolution misconceptions and the paleodiet. Which is interesting but not directly germane to cutting medicare payments, so I assume you meant to link to something else.

  2. ScarletKnight says:


    I think that if a male CEO made the “work at work” decision, it wouldn’t have made the MSM. Only a woman would get criticized for it.

    area codes

    I like the idea that area codes are tied to a physical area. After all, they are called AREA codes for a reason. Without the tie-in, we would just have 10 digit telephone numbers.

    Area codes also make phone numbers easier to remember. I know that people who live in my area will have the same area code, so I only have to remember 7 digits instead of 10. I realize I am being a relic, since people don’t remember phone numbers anymore.

    • trumwill says:

      Re: Yahoo

      I think that’s partly right, or indirectly right. I think it got attention because Mayer is well-known. But Mayer is well-known because in part because she is a (photogenic) woman (who gave birth shortly after taking the job). So yeah, I agree more than not.

      Re: Area code

      Back home, I could identify where someone was through the area code and the three-digit prefix. If they had a 474 prefix, I knew that they were over there and that they had AT&T as their carrier. If they were 532, it meant they were over somewhere else and they had GTE. 326 overlapped with 532, but the different prefixes meant something (326 meant they had shelled out extra for a “metro” number and therefore they could call you without it being long distance).

      Obviously, cell phones and portable numbers ended that arrangement. Arguably the same is true of area codes nowadays anyway. Your area code being not where you live, but where you lived in 2005.

      • ScarletKnight says:

        Mayer is attractive for a CEO and a STEM major. She is average at best compared to the general population of women her age. If she taught elementary school you wouldn’t look twice at her.

        In my home area code, I can identify the location of land lines just by their exchanges.

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