Some businesses are looking to fix our sleeping habits. I’m a big fan of employee nap rooms. That my wife’s hospital didn’t have one for on-call docs was always baffling to me.

If this is Google, I once worked for the anti-google. Google tries to find ways to make its employees happy. My former employer tried to find employees who would be happy in its oppressive atmosphere.

I pass on a lot of links about alternative housing. Here’s one on alternative hoteling!

Graphic novels rule, books drool. People retain more information from graphic novels than typical books.

Slate explainer tackles the question of whether states can exile people. Actually, I know someone who was exiled from Arizona.

You can always count of Dave Schuler for sober analysis. On the bright side, he has a post on how we can cut health care costs without lowering payments or reducing services.

This is pretty cool. A phone for your smartphone. I really hope that the future of smartphones includes modularization. They need to get everything talking to everything else. In addition to smartphones-as-car-keys, I want an Android fridge.

Apparently, back in the 80’s in fear of a Sam’s Club’s arrival, Oklahoma passed a law requiring a six-percent profit margin.

Why comment trolls suck.

I’m about as pro-resource-exploitation as you can get whenever the economics warrant it, but I will admit that this makes me uneasy.

Google is hoping that we will trust our personal information to a USB drive. Speaking of passwords, when I read this post at Dustbury I was thinking “Hey, that guy had the exact same problem I had!” Then I realized that “this guy” was me.

The neat story of how a guy filmed a movie as Disney World on the sly.

Farhad Manjoo is singing the same old tired song about the death of the PC. Bring able to do 80% of PC functionality is enough to use the tablet on the go, but heaven help is if, as a culture, we simply forgo the other 20%. Meanwhile, Rob Enderle hits the mark.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Hours in a Week

  1. Kirk says:

    I’m skeptical about the death of the PC, perhaps because I’m skeptical about anyone doing any work while mobile.

    Just what are people doing with those stupid tablets?

  2. trumwill says:

    Just what are people doing with those stupid tablets?

    Consuming, mostly: surfing the web, reading ebooks, watching videos, etc.

  3. Φ says:

    Just what are people doing with those stupid tablets?

    Don’t forget blogging! I do a fair amount of blogging from my iPad, although it can get tedious if the post requires external content.

    Regarding security: Dell computers have long had an option for a smartcard reader. It’s an option I have made a point of getting for my last two laptops, since a smartcard (known as a CAC in the DoD) is necessary to access my work email from home (and from work, for that matter). I wonder why Google didn’t embrace this technology already in place.

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