Jordan Weissman makes the case for why Chicken McNuggets are a great argument against patent law.

How outdated cell phones are assisting infidelity in Japan.

A listing of associate lawyer salaries by city.

Four cities and two states/provinces that will pay you to move there.

Wired explains why Nintendo shouldn’t make iPhone games. I have a knock-off fake Mario game on my phone, though without the physical buttons it’s hard to use.

Arctic drilling is in for some renewed scrutiny. I’d be more amenable to the criticisms if it weren’t for the sense that most drilling just about everywhere is considered to be bad by the critics. That said, there do seem to be some institutional control problems here.

Noah Smith writes about how we can protect workers from the rise of automation. Really smart people tell me that we will never have to worry about the day… but I still have my concerns. And, as the article points out, it becomes a very big issue about who reaps the wealth from these enormous capital investments.

These places have to be seen to be believed. Even seeing the pictures, it’s still hard for me to believe. Seriously, give it a look.

According to Magen Cubed, Captain America is awesome because he’s liberal. To be fair, they had a couple of conservative Captain Americas once. They turned out to be, or turned into, villains. Insane villains at that.

I’ve been saying this a long time: A whole lot of the pressure on women to be skinny isn’t coming from men.

The problem with “make it legal and tax it” is that if you tax it enough, you get the black markets anyway. Dave Schuler collects some links suggesting that gangs are not as dependent on the drug trade as we might think.

A lot of people think that hospital readmissions are due to premature discharges. Actually, most of the time, readmission occurs for a new reason. Some are calling it “post-hospital syndrome.

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