I have a problem with the belt holsters I put my cell phone in. Namely, if they’re the “right size”, they’re actually too small. By which I mean that they fit too snugly. This is a problem because I take the phone in and out of the holster and all sorts of unintented screen-presses happen. The best ones are a little too large for my phone. I found one the right size on eBay a while back. I wanted a spare, but when I went back to get a backup, it was gone. So I ordered a few different kinds, but none were right. Finally, I saw something very similar to the first on eBay. And I ordered it. And it wasn’t the same one as in the picture. The ad warned me that it might not be, but I had hoped.

Since the seller seemed to sell all kinds of cell phone belt holsters, I wrote the seller this question about the:

“Hello, I ordered this product a while back, but it was too small for my HTC Touch Pro 2. I would like something just a little bit larger. Do you have something for a phone that’s a little bit larger? In fact, the one in the picture is exactly like one I have that fits my phone. What model is that for?”

To which they responded:

“Hello. Yes. This product will fit your HTC Touch Pro 2 perfectly.”

Me: “I know it should, but I find it too tight a fit. I am looking for one the next size up. Do you have any that hold a phone that’s maybe just a little bit larger?”

Them: “This is the one that you need for your HTC Touch Pro 2. It is made for the Touch Pro 2.”

Me: “Which model is the one in the picture for.”

Them: “I don’t know. What kind of phone do you have?”

Me: “I have a Touch Pro 2, but I am looking for one that’s slightly larger. I think the one in the picture is what I want.”

Them: “This item will fit your Touch Pro 2.”

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4 Responses to This Item Will Fit Your Touch Pro 2

  1. web says:

    Sounds like the usual discussions that come from Chinese or Indian workers on phone support…

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    The exchange got cut off at the end.

    To be fair, you are the one who sounds unreasonable in this exchange. The one you ordered is “right” for SOME brand of phone. So look at that ad, see what phones are listed in that ad, and order one for the phone listed in that ad.

    Even if the holster itself is unavailable, the ad should still be on eBay’s servers. If not, the seller should still be around, and you can ask him.

  3. trumwill says:

    Web, I’ve noticed that a lot of eBay sellers are ESL. Often Indian or Middle Eastern. I guess it’s not a bad way for an immigrant to make a living or bring in some extra income.

  4. trumwill says:


    I have approached it from every angle, brother. I cannot find out any more information on the one that I like. The first problem is that I ordered three at about the same time and the other two were bust. The second problem is that they will often list any phone that fits, say it fits all phones, or act like it was custom made for the phone in particular even when it wasn’t. The third problem is that for orders more than a couple months old, all I can seem to access is the title, seller, and so on. So I don’t even really know who sold it to me.

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