With regard to the above picture. The car in the back is a Pontiac Aztek, oft-named the ugliest vehicles on the road. I, of course, think that they look pretty cool. They have the practicality of a Chrysler, though, despite being made by GM.

Farhad Manjoo writes about Google’s takeover of Motorola and what it might mean. Is Google going the way of Apple? Or are they trying to create a flagship Android phone as a sort of challenge to the others? Or, as many suspect, patents? Manjoo is pessimistic, believing that Google is about to tighten its ship into something less open. I am hoping that they’re going the flagship route. But I’ll take patents.

Microsoft envisions a universal operating system, but it might not be Windows. I’m worried about things going in the other direction, where we have separate OSes for every conceivable device. The only savior in this could be Apple, though that might be burning the village in order to save it.

A cool look at Match.com. I never used Match, though three of the four I did use are gone and Match.com is still around, so they must have did something right.

An interesting story about Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots. Republicans are generally considered to be less worldly in Democrats, and generally they are. But Mormons, one of the most Republican groups in existence, stand in stark contrast.

No surprise: 96 of the top 100 markets lost manufacturing jobs since 2006. Surprise: two of the other four are in California.

Because Hit Coffee is what it is: Bad Boys Have Lower Standards.

The government has blocked a $1,000,000 Italian supercar from entering the US market due to the lack of “child-safe airbags.” I love by country, but sometimes I don’t love my country.

The New York Times reports on the dangers of digitalization: disappearing data. Not just in the sense that it’s been deleted, but in the sense that what we have 100 years from now won’t be able to read what we produce today. This is what ODF was supposed to prevent. But really, as long as open-source projects can roughly read proprietary documents, have much of a danger is there on that front? Given how infinitely copyable everything is, I suspect data is ultimately safer now than ever. So media pirates aren’t actually pirates. They’re curators.

Alex Knapp says this study on spoilers (warning, if you haven’t read Harry Potter, there’s a spoiler) is flawed, but I think it touches on something pretty significant. We need to think of things beyond beginning-middle-end. The ending is only part of the story.

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  1. Kirk says:

    Siggy has a site reviewing Match and other dating sites.
    Look how many people complain about their billing alone.


  2. Mike Hunt says:

    Missing link on the Italian car story. Unfortunately, red tape doesn’t allow for exceptions or common sense. If someone got hurt riding in a car that the government admitted didn’t meet safety standards, you would get every attorney on the case.

    I was as surprised by Romney’s roots, just like I was surprised by Ted Williams’ roots and Louis CK’s roots. We expect our Mexicans to look a certain way, when in reality they all don’t.

    I still think that people who date people they meet online are losers.

    It makes sense that bad boys have lower standards. If you have low standards for yourself, it follows that you have low standards when choosing a mate.

  3. Kirk says:

    Some spoilers for next season’s “The Office.” I’m not sure if I feel better for reading it.


  4. trumwill says:


    Link added.

    The Italian sports car example goes towards problems with wide-reaching regulations.

    I was aware of Romney’s roots only because it came up with regard to questions of McCain’s and Obama’s natural born citizenship. But I didn’t really know much beyond that.

    Disagree about meeting people online, of course, though it’s fraught with potential peril. It’s probably not a coincidence that my two most serious relationships were not online cases (though even then, I met them through people I met online). The next two below that were, though.

  5. trumwill says:


    I like Lavalife’s payment model. It was no-commitment, unlike a lot of no-commitment sites, it did a good job of separating the people that get on on a regular basis and those who don’t, so you didn’t waste times and credits on people who weren’t going to respond because they weren’t going to log on again for another four months.

    I thought Spader was awesome. After watching the episode, I was really, really hoping that he would get the gig but didn’t for a moment believe that he would because I figured it was going to Helms. I suspect I was half right on that (Helms will get Carrell’s job after Spader “leaves”).

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