There was a discussion on twitter recently between Lyman Stone and Noah Smith about kindness and mutual respect (or something alone those. Smith said nobody does it better than Japan. Stone said the South, to which Smith said that doesn’t apply racism. Stone asked if Smith really wanted to go that route with Japan in the conversation. I cannot link to the thread because Smith deleted his part of it.

Anyway, I thought of that when I watched this:

Of course, that’s China instead of Japan, but they all look alike, right? Hur hur. More seriously, it’s a good reminder that even in the age of Trump, we regard racism on a curve and in a rather comparative manner.

Interestingly enough, that commercial appears to be ripped off an Italian commercial, which goes in the opposite direction:

Though one is from Asia, and the other from Europe, they are both in-keeping with racial stereotypes we have over here. The latter cuts more viscerally into racial fears within HBD communities within the US, while the Chinese one makes little sense by those standards. The former is in-keeping with more traditional racist stereotypes, though with Asian as the “default race” instead of white.

If you’re interested in diving into the fever swamp, the second video comes from Uncle Steve’s blog. You can also read the YouTube comments, which are what they always are.

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8 Responses to Yeah. Okay. Wow.

  1. RTod says:


    It’s my fault for actually going to the place you linked to, but still…


  2. Brandon Berg says:

    I’m scratching my head a bit at this:

    However, those behind the Chinese remake somehow managed to turn a clever idea into one of the most blatantly racist videos that has ever appeared on TV.

    “Black is better than white” is clever, apparently, while “Chinese is better than black” is the most blatantly racist thing ever.

    Nah, just kidding. I’ve had enough exposure to SJWs to expect this kind of blatant double standard.

    • RTod says:

      And yet, somehow the comments on each YouTube site somehow come to the exact same conclusion about the worth of black people. Weird.

      • Brandon Berg says:

        I don’t see where the “and yet” comes from. But yeah, YouTube comments are the most highly concentrated form of stupid known to man.

        • RTod says:

          My point being that laid out on a spreadsheet on paper, a joke that celebrates turning a black man into a non-black man and a joke that celebrates turning a non-black man into a black man are identical. But there’s a reason why one is considered in poorer taste than the other.

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