beewaspThe origin of the Animaniacs! When people are expressing weariness on Twitter, I sometimes send them a link to an Animaniacs sketch. It’s hard to watch Animaniacs and stay glum. At least it is for me.

It’s not just for liberals! Pascal Emmanuel-Gobry peeked at how the veil of ignorance justifies conservative position.

As we stare down the possibility of a Trump Presidency, maybe – just maybe – we shouldn’t have made the presidency as powerful as we have.

I am not at all surprised by this. Girls be mean.

Noah Berlatsky argues that superheroes are less modern myths and more melodramas. I think this is true in the case of classic comics, though the medium has transformed into something else (or, more accurately, many things).

I kind of shrugged off the latest Captain America twist (I mean, obviously, it’s going to be some sort of hypnosis where Steve was really being Steve up until now), but Jessica Plummer argues pretty convincingly that even accounting for the fact it’s going to be a gimmick, it matters.

This is no surprise: There’s a peer effect when it comes to teenage pregnancy. Of course, that’s a double-edged sword. Lower teenage pregnancies is a good thing, but too much stigma and abortion (for wronger-than-usual reasons, even) starts to look really attractive.

Calaveras High School (CA) are the Redskins no more! Now they are… well… nothing. That’s dumb. Otters would work for a California school!

Peak Sonny Bunch: He makes the case for the White Walkers.

This guy reminds me a bit of how much I miss the Natural Law Party right now. At least transcendental meditation as the solution to all of our ills is a mostly-harmless delusion.

A Katie Couric documentary rather deceptively edited an interview with gun control opponents, a conservative website “claims” (and also, actually, demonstrates).

Perhaps more evidence that people answering polls are not actually answering the question asked, partisan fact gaps diminish when money is on the line.

Zombie beavers may be the stuff of movies, but zombie cockroaches controlled by wasps are apparently real.

Priceonomics has an article on what words and inflections correlate with good and bad first dates.

Fast Company looks at skyscrapers and how they might influence our perspective of space.beewasp

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Can’t be showing gun rights advocates as having actually thought about the issues.

  2. Michael Cain says:

    Sigh… Calaveras High School in Calaveras County, CA chooses to go mascot-free rather than any of the obvious literary possibilities? I’d have gone for the Fighting Twains, with a mascot in a white suit and a giant papier-mâché Samuel Clemons head. Kids these days…

  3. Murali says:

    Gobry is being slightly disingenuous here. Sure, the veil of ignorance gets you basic rights and says that consistent with those rights you must make the poor well off without saying anything about exactly which policies will do that. But that doesn’t mean it has nothing unequivocal to say about current political controversies. For instance, marriage equality in one form or another (i.e. full separation from state or otherwise) is a fairly obvious output of the Original Position.

    The abortion point is a bit more difficult. prior to 10 weeks, embryos have an extremely high rate of spontaneous abortion. We might want to say that in order to count as having a relevant interest in protecting one’s future/eventual status as a citizen, there must be a definite, or highly probable citizen whose interests is to be protected. In the first trimester, this is hardly the case. It is only after about 12 weeks that the metaphysical presence of the foetus becomes sufficiently significant that we could properly attribute to any given foetus a right against certain kinds of interference.

  4. Peter says:

    Apropos of the link on high rise living, right now I’m in downtown Seattle, having returned a couple days ago from an Alaskan cruise (and leaving in a few hours). Downtown high rise living is definitely a Thing here, with many new apartment buildings and many more under construction. What the area seems to lack, however, are the neighborhood level small businesses more or less essential to residential life: delis, drugstores, hair salons, dry cleaners, that sort of thing. They’ll probably arrive in time, but right now living in downtown Seattle is still more of a challenge than in other cities.

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