hedgehogI don’t care very much for the framing of this article, but I genuinely do worry what happens if, as whites become minorities, they vote in minority patterns. We already see it in cities where they are outnumbered.

I am inclined towards agreeing with this. It was important to put it out there, but once out there, all retweeting does is amplify it. Relatedly, this sort of explains some of the people who have shown up on my Twitter feed.

Maybe Lindsay Graham isn’t a sellout after all? To be honest, that’s the biggest one that has thrown me so far.

Nick Cohen takes radical tourists to task, with regard to their props to Venezuela.

I knew that Brazil’s interim president was controversial, but a Satanist?

Meanwhile, a king lies in wait… with the support of his would-be people!

There is a lesson here.

I’ll bet you’ve always wanted to know which cities were best equipped for the Zombie Apocalypse. Does New York City have to win at everything? Sigh…

Brad Wilcox and Nicholas Wolfinger look at The Latino Marriage Paradox: Given that Latino’s are in general poorer than whites, why are their family formation statistics similar?

With this is a cheery thought, from Elijah Wood.

The stereotypes seem to have changed from the ones in this article, from Republicans as Rich to Republicans as backwards losers. Interesting stuff all the same. Both parties, it turns out, contain multitudes.

The New York Times editorial board is recognizing that we’re pumping out too many college graduates for the jobs available, and then has a series of largely unrelated and counterproductive proposals on how to address it.

I give this article mega-points for its title, and it’s interesting to boot!

Chris Beck writes of the “law school prices [for] blue collar skills” in culinary schools.

Arthur Books wants to get America moving again! To places where there are jobs and opportunity available.

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  1. oscar.gordon says:

    The race article hits a point I’ve thought about before, how for the SJW (when the term is meant as a derogative), it isn’t enough to get people to understand their advantages and to think about the disadvantages others have, but that there needs to be some manner of be held to account for things beyond the ability of an individual to control (what the article calls the confessional).

    One of the things you learn when you study wars and their aftermath is that there is not only very little value in making a losing population pay for the actions of their political leadership, trying to hold the population accountable usually winds up fostering insurgencies of one type or another (which becomes a continuing cost).

  2. Michael Cain says:

    As I read the map, the New York/New Jersey area is least prepared for the zombies. This one is fun to leave running in a window to check on occasionally — interesting to watch how much trouble the apocalypse has jumping across the Great Plains.

  3. Peter says:

    A cousin of mine worked for years as a chef in some pretty decent restaurants, although he’s now in management. After some years’ experience he was earning very good money, but the pay on the way up had been much worse. He also had to work very long hours under tough conditions.
    Oh, and he never went to culinary school, nor did most other successful chefs he knew.

  4. KenB says:

    Did you see this discussion between Conor Friedersdorf and a Trump voter in SF? As I was reading it I was thinking it was a perfect companion piece to the Federalist article, but then at the end CF explicitly linked to it.

    • Brandon Berg says:

      Voting for Trump to try to stem the tide of political correctness strikes me as counterproductive. SJWs would love for Trump to be the face of the opposition, because this provides a distraction from the serious arguments against their claims and agenda, and instead chalk it up to bigotry, anger over losing privilege, “white male fragility” and/or whatever the latest buzzword on Tumblr is.

      To be credible, opponents of PC have to be better than SJWs, and make it clear that we oppose their agenda because it’s wrong, not because we’re bigots. They’ll fling their shit at us anyway, but we can’t give it a place to stick.

      • greginak says:

        His Trumpness would be the best thing ever for SJW’s. He would validate their concerns and make them seem more sympathetic. Trumpy would, has, turned insults and being nasty to people into a regular feature of his schtick. It’s hard to tell SJW’s to stop being shallow and to stop shouting insults when your Prez is gleefully doing it himself. PC would end up being considered just being a jerk to people easy to pick. It is already that in some ways, but the correct parts of the anti-PC stuff would be lost.

      • KenB says:

        It’s true that the exact steps between “Elect Trump!’ and “solve the overzealous PC problem!” are unclear; OTOH it’s not like calm, reasonable argument has a great track record of success in the political arena. The SJW stuff affects me only to the extent that I go online, but I can understand why folks who feel genuinely threatened would want a champion.

    • trumwill says:

      I had seen it linked to, but haven’t read it. Kind of depressing.

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