setupasajokeA cool collection of prints showing how the Japanese saw western inventors, artists, and scholars.

Elizabeth Wright explains how Marcus Garvey should be honored as an enemy of Communism.

Lymon Stone looked at the demographic history of slavery in the United States.

Jose Duarte writes of the importance of debunking.

Well, this is the stuff of childhood nightmares (and eco-friendly children’s movies).

Tiffany Brodesser-Akner looks at Cool Jesus, faith for Millenials and the cool set.

“We’re melting the candy bars they want nothing to do with and selling it back to them.”

For Sale: A Town in South Dakota. It’s a couple hours outside of Rapid City, which makes it less convenient than the town in Wyoming that was sold in 2012, though not as isolated as the one sold in Wyoming last year.

This is pretty awesome. Obviously, all we see is a part of the face and some of the most difficult stuff CG is the hair. But… cool all the same.

iPhones are being dumbed down, and for once, and for once it’s not Apple’s fault. It’s the FDA’s.The death of Americans’ love affair with cars has been greatly exaggerated.

If you’re not careful, your otherwise helpful car may drop the dime on you.

Microcondos are coming to Houston.

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