Well, it’s finally happened. My daughter became a princess:


While we were down in Colosse, we visited my friend Kevin and his family, which includes two daughters and a son. While we talked the night away, they kind of swept Lain away and started playing dressup.

Which was pretty awesome. It was one of those things that provided the sort of experience that Boring Mom and Dad never give her. We don’t really do dresses, for the most part. We’ve had them, it just never occurs to me to actually put her in them. Even her Halloween costume consisted of a skeleton outfit.

But it was mostly awesome because Lain had some kids to play with and had an absolute blast. How Clancy and I ended up with a child that is so social is only slightly less a mystery than how we ended up with one who is shorter-than-average. It was really amazing to watch her play with other kids. The only downside is that we feel like we’re shortchanging her by not having more local friends with kids for her to play with. (Also short-changing ourselves, but that stings less.)

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  1. Brandon Berg says:

    Delivery room mix-up.

  2. aaron david says:

    She is adorable Will.

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