catowlDenmark is trying to seize jewelry and cash from refugees.

Turns out, it’s good to marry the daughter of the king.

As economic dreams fade, Chinese workers are fighting back. I wish them luck.

This reminds me that I need to go back and watch Spaceballs again at some point.

Women may have the reputation for being attracted to bad boys, but men like their nonconformists, too.

Tanya Lewis explains why the dating scene is pretty bad for women right now.

Assortive mating is on the rise, returning to Gilded Age levels.

The Bank of Canada would like to ask you to kindly stop spocking currency.

The life-saving potential of urine-powered socks.

Austrians want a border fence. (Which makes a lot more sense than how I originally read it, leaving me wondering what a border fence could provide that the Pacific Ocean couldn’t…)

Micah Singleton says Apple took too long to get into music streaming. They’re not hitting their user targets, but it seems to me that’s always been secondary to Apple compared to making money. Which, since they charge for their service, I assume they are.

Here’s an interesting profile of a serial killer hunter.

Noah Smith says the golden age of college may be coming to a close.

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