Michael Williams observes that Putin is conquering Ukraine by referendum, then asks whether or not this could happen in the United States.

The biggest danger would be Maine, I would guess, or possibly Vermont. That would, of course, require that Canada is actively interested in expanding into the US, and that Maine or Vermont would be worth it. North Dakota for the mineral wealth, perhaps?

I think this line of questioning is backwards, though. The real question is who they United States could conquer by way of this methodology. There could be some interested Mexican states, though there aren’t any states in Mexico that I think we are itching to bring into the US.

So, I nominate British Columbia and Alberta. A couple years ago, Vancouver sought to disavow national support for the Canucks hockey team, after all. And Albert is the only state that has elected senators-in-waiting for the sole purpose of making a statement that Canada’s upper house should look more like ours. I have a better solution…

All we’d have to do is convince them! Throw in Yukon, and we are contiguous with Alaska.

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5 Responses to Conquering Canada?

  1. Vikram Bath says:

    How about Quebec, Vermont, and Maine all splitting off to form their own country?

  2. We can also look at the example of Texas, where it was a territory (or state?) of Mexico, which seceded, and then was annexed by the US.

    • trumwill says:

      That’s true. That did come to mind a bit at one point when I pondered the Crimea situation (though there are some differences, to be sure).

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