aliengynGynecological Gymnastics… from Outer Space.

A North Korean refugee wants to return to North Korea.

I do think that running for president does kinda sorta mean that you don’t get to have your name trademarked in quite the same way you did when you were a business brand.

This is a really bad idea.

Police chase, Kansas style! (It involves officers unloading on a combine being driven away by the assailant)

I thought we had a bad moving experience, but… could have been worse.

In Australia, the 11 year old totally wanted, so the 21 year old goes free.

Shell is pulling up its stakes and leaving the Alaskan Arctic.

Thanks to plenty of win and subsidies, Texas wind power producers were paying people to use their electricity.

R-Street criticizes a plan to charge solar customers for energy they’re not using. I could actually imagine it being a defensible policy, but the forces behind the policy certainly raise questions.

An East Tennessee police officer is suspended after refusing to shoot a skunk that needed to be shot (and tested for rabies).

If these policies had been in place at the outset, I’d likely still be smoking. {More}

“The phrase is ‘the death of the middle.’ We’re getting to a place where there’s going to be too much dramatic content. The best will always be bought and continue to rise in price. In the U.S., there are 62 buyers for drama. There is a lot of demand for the best, but that middle goes away or drowns. It’s the best or the cheap and cheerful.”

Scott Sumner writes of how the Chinese are apparently abandoning the city to return to the country, and how there may be no housing bubble there.

In Alternet, psychotherapist William Doherty questions his own historic assumptions and wonders if we approach divorce too selfishly.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    If that utility link isn’t Cain bait…

  2. Joe Sal says:

    Yeah that wind energy one is nuts. I know of several places down here that melt aluminium or iron with electricity. May need to run some night shifts.

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