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The Gators had just sealed a win over East Carolina with a fumble recovery, and Alex McCalister saw the end zone ahead of him. But his teammate, Jarrad Davis, realized that scoring another TD was unnecessary. Perhaps if McCalister had continued running, he would’ve tripped and fumbled and ECU would’ve recovered it and run another play and scored a touchdown.

But if he went to the ground, the game would end. (Of course, Davis probably ran a higher risk of causing a fumble by trying to tackle his teammate than just letting him run, but, whatever.) So Davis tackled McAlister, and Florida kneeled out the game for a 31-24 win.

Even with the context, I think that was a bad move. McCalister had a clear path and while a fumble was possible, it was more likely to occur with a tackle (even a friendly fire tackle) than otherwise.


In Canadian football, this is apparently a thing:

I’d be interested to know what the counterarguments on this are.

No video (for obvious reasons), but there was a play in Southern Tech’s game where a kick returner ill-advisedly left the endzone to run it back. All across Colosse and the country, Packer fans said “Noooooooooo!!!!” which was followed by relief that he got to the 20, followed by “Goooooooooo!!!!” as he ran it from endzone to endzone to tie the game.

In the post-game interview, the coach said that it was an amazing effort, an amazing run, and that he has talked to the player and has been assured that it will never, ever happen again.

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  1. jhanley says:

    I agree that tackling your own teammate when they have a clear path to the goal line is ill-advised. Any tackle increases the risk of a fumble, so why would you want to do that?

    The best part of the BYU clip is the BYU player hugging the ref who’s got his arms up giving the touchdown signal.

    • trumwill says:

      Re: UF… yeah. I think he just saw a situation where he would have taken a knee and decided that he needed to make the recoverer take a knee, underestimating the risks of doing so.

      Re: BYU… I noticed that, too! It was great.

  2. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    All across … the country, Packer fans

    LOL at “country”

    Anyway, he was very nearly stopped at the 10, which made the run even more remarkable.

    Also, he doesn’t get credit for the end-zone yardage.

    • trumwill says:

      There are fans in NYC*, and fans in San Diego, so across the country it is! I initially said “in Colosse” but realized that I am not in Colosse and other grads have also moved away.

      * – There is actually a “Packer bar” in NYC that always shows the games. I hope to see one there sometime.

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