If Jeb did this,  I would want very badly to vote for him.

If Jeb did this,
I would want very badly to vote for him.

I somehow missed this when it first came out in January, but a lot of what we think about Republican primary strategy – especially in 2012 – is wrong. To wit, there is little upside to Republican candidates shifting to the right in the primaries, and his decision to do so did not actually seem to change perceptions of where Romney stood on the left-right axis (which was considered closer to most voters than Obama!)

Vox has a list of five times that network executives were right to clip creative wings. The only one I disagree with is Jack on Lost. I think the series would have been better without him.

As commented recently by Peter: Uber, but for Big Yella.

Amiga Computers turns 30. For those of you two young to remember, in technological terms the Amiga was the iPhone of personal computing. I remember seeing them long past their prime, in the mid-90’s, and they still blew Windows and Macs out of the water.

Steven Horwitz writes about the politics of nostalgia, formerly the province of the right but having since infected the left.

Cracked looks at suicide in the Age of Twitter.

So here’s the thing… while such a relationship is entirely and utterly inappropriate, and the man should never be able to teach again, if the young lady is willing to marry the guy in order not to testify against him, I can’t say I am in favor of trying to prosecute him whether they can make a case without her testimony or no.

Good news in Mexico? Murders are declining. Bad news in Mexico, the economy is struggling. The two were supposed to be connected.

Driverless cares are, really, only the beginning.

This is pretty brilliant: Just Another Day In Hell.

It turns out, if you remove something unfavorable to liberals in the description, it may be that your social science work is more likely to be published.

The ISIS Sex Slave Market, from the point of view of the slave.

Jim Gilmore’s stealthy stealth campaign is something I still can’t quite grok.

Jonathan Coppage writes how Brad Pitt hindered New Orleans’ recovery.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    The bias article was interesting, if not surprising. Well, the lesser conservative bias was surprising.

  2. About the guy marrying his former student, I’m not quite on board with saying her decision to marry him should by itself be sufficient to protect him from prosecution. It probably should be considered, but I wouldn’t want that to be sole factor in the decision not to prosecute. (I’m leaving aside the issue about the state not being able to compel testimony from spouses and assuming the state could make its case without her testimony.)

  3. aaron david says:

    Regarding Mexico, I would not be surprised if the economy and the murders declining are connected, as I I wouldn’t be surprised on how much northern Mexico relied on the drugs trade for its economy.

    • trumwill says:

      Is the drug trade down? I figured that the violence or lack of it is more a product of competing suppliers rather than strictly related to volume.

      • aaron david says:

        I have no idea, I was mostly speculating on how much money it brings in to the traffickers, and what they do with the money. The murders are symptomatic of Drug cartels in general and power change in specific. And if Mexico is severely cracking down on activities, that would put money into hiding.

        • trumwill says:

          I view the murders as more symptomatic of conflict between the cartels than cartel commercial activity, if that makes sense.

          I think the current president has taken a more hands off approach.

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