hippodriverWe were taught that getting married later in life is better for marital prospects. While this is true up to a point, it may have its limitations and there may be such a thing as waiting too long.

This post, about overdevelopment of low-cost housing, would be a lot more interesting if it told us where it is.

North Carolina farmers are buying grain from Brazil because moving it by water in the US is made unfeasible by the Jones Act.

Alan Moore, grand innovator of superhero fiction, has come to believe that they are a cultural catastophe.

Late last year, Shinzo Abe’s government was linked to some far-right hate groups (“Kill, kill Koreans”).

Laura Seay and Alex de Waal discuss how to help people victims of international violent conflicts.

I didn’t know anything about King Edward VIII other than the whole “Eddie the Quitter” thing. I definitely didn’t know about the Nazi thing.

Tanzania has lost 2/3 of its elephant population in the last four years.

Micro-apartments are making a splash in the midwest. I’ve done the “micro-apartment” thing, of sorts in small-town Deseret.

Trees will make you feel younger and wealthier.

I’m actually just a slight bit sympathetic to this spoiled young lady, if her story is accurate: her parents really should have taught her better.

Samuel Liu looks at the self-segregation of Silicon Valley between white and Asian students.

Buffalo may be making a comeback.

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  1. Michael Cain says:

    Yes, the “hundreds if not thousands of similar suburbs in fast-growing metro areas” with an over-supply of low-end housing would be an interesting list. Forbes had a recent list of their 20 fastest-growing metro areas. In rough geographic order, east to west, were DC, Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina, Oklahoma City, Austin plus the Texas Triangle, and the balance in the West. If I were to guess, I’d guess he’s talking about Texas.

    • trumwill says:

      I have a link in the queue that basically goes the following route, asking of cities:

      1. Are you west of the Mississippi?
      2. Are you South of the Mason-Dixon Line?
      3. Are you a state capital?
      4. Are you New York City?

      If your answer to the above four is “No” then you have fewer people than you did fifty years ago. (Louisville is another exception, but that’s due to a city-county consolidation, which is cheating.)

      • Michael Cain says:

        Combine that with a map of the shrinking rural population across the majority of the Great Plains and you end up with one of the trends that makes me think a split of the US is inevitable in the medium-distant future…

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    Cabotage Laws, which is what the Jones act largely is, are troublesome.

    On the one hand, I can absolutely see the rationale of laws that require that ships which ply the territorial waters of a given country should conform to the laws & standards of that country. I would take issue with a ship flagged in ScrewCrewiStan running cargo up & down the American coast while basically telling everyone to piss off when it came to crew & operational safety.

    On the other hand, if a law has so damaged a market & sector of the economy that it’s cheaper to ship grain from another continent than it is to get it locally, then that law needs some work, and politicians who refuse to budge on it are effectively protecting the comfort & interests of a very tiny minority of workers at the expense of many others.

    • Michael Cain says:

      I’m more fascinated by the fiasco that is the US rail system, which has become very largely tuned to the two jobs of (a) moving coal, primarily western, to eastern generators and (b) moving non-seasonal goods from the West Coast container ports to points east of the Mississippi. This map is interesting. Pretty much every time there’s been a regional bumper grain crop in the US for the last 20 years, a fair share of it rots in piles next to the grain elevators because the rail system can’t move enough of it.

      • Oscar Gordon says:

        PBS had a show, America Revealed, that spent a few minutes during the transportation episode talking about the FUBAR that is the Chicago rail interchange & the political shennanigans that made it happen.

  3. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    I find it amazing that those two employees of WDBJ were killed only two weeks ago and they have been forgotten about. The story almost broke the internet when it happened.

    Therefore, two quick comments on it before it goes completely stale…

    1) The two victims looked like a popular cheerleader and her beta best friend.

    2) I find it interesting that the industry is so incestuous that they were both in serious relationships with their coworkers. It’s like they have to work ridiculous hours, so they figure that no one else is going to put up with it. It reminded me of the last episode of one of Jay Leno’s shows, where he showed all of the children born to couples on his staff during the time of the show. It was quite a large number.

    • trumwill says:

      They did kind of fall off the map, didn’t they.

      • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

        No comments on my comments? I thought they were cogent.

        • trumwill says:

          They were! So much so that I have little to add. Well, until I thought of a Grey’s Anatomy subplot that involved a no dating rule. The residents went ballistic because when else are they going to meet people.

          There is also a Chuck Schumer angle in there, probably.

        • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

          1) Chuck Schumer?

          2) It will come to no surprise to anyone Over There that the reporter’s boyfriend has blocked me on Twitter. As has Linsday Czarniak’s husband, for that matter.

        • Oscar Gordon says:

          I’m almost curious as to what you were tweeting?

        • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:


          I tweeted to Czarniak referring to her as a term for a white woman in a sexual relationship with a black man. I was complimentary to her otherwise. He blocked me and she didn’t, even though the tweet was directed to her.

  4. aaron david says:

    So, about Eddie the Quitter, as most people know, he left for ,as the British put it That Simpson Bitch. Her birth name was Bessie Wallis Warfield, and as you know my real last name…
    Supposedly family.

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