A World War II vet and Walmart employee celebrates his 103rd birthday.

Vox explains Sesame Street’s move to HBO. Boy, mixed feelings about that. But more episodes is good. I had no idea that they produced so few a year.

The joke writes itself: The daughter of the Governor of Oklahoma had to disconnect her trailer from the Governor’s Mansion.

A paper that boosted Golden Rice has been retracted over concerns of subject consent. (There is, it should be added, no evidence of falsification or fabrication.)

To quote Jesse Walker: “No!”

A judge in Texas ordered a 20 year old man to marry his 19 year old girlfriend within 18 days.

By ending up on the sex offender registry, Zach Anderson (the 19 year old who slept with the 14 year old who represented herself as being 17) was prohibited by an animal shelter from getting a dog.

A bounty hunter in Arizona raided the wrong house. No, I mean he really raided the wrong house.

Some pictures on a cell phone in a town dump lead to the arrest of a sailor.

I’m trying to imagine how this guy explains the gap in his resume. “I cared about the success of my clients a little too much, it turns out.”

Come on, Jared, all you had to do was keep your weight off and not be a creep, and you were pretty much set for life.

Here’s something interesting from Hanley about printing a bridge from those 3D printers… in mid-air.

A deep undercover agent in London went a little too deep, and a woman won a $685,737 judgment.

The courts in the UK have ruled that making private copies of your music is illegal.

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9 Responses to Linkluster Kuwait

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Spielberg hunting the most dangerous game.

  2. Peter says:

    Vox is not quite accurate in describing HBO as a “luxury good.” Today it’s generally included in all except the most basic cable/satellite packages.

    • Michael Drew says:

      Speaking as someone who has a pretty strong negative reaction to any argument in the genus, “The poor can’t really be that poor if they have cell phones” (etc.), I have no problem letting you know that cable tv is by all means a luxury good (which, though doesn’t mean it’s impossible or even wrong to be poor and have it, though at present prices it sort of does), so that HBO is, likewise, a luxury good.

      • fillyjonk says:

        I have a not-basic cable package (digital, plus the “family” tier, plus some of the movie channels) and I’d still have to pay $10 a month extra for HBO.

        And I consider cable in general a “luxury.” If I had to cut back somewhere to save money, ditching cable would be among the first things to go.

        (I’d also ditch my landline but keep my cell phone, as my cell plan is cheaper than my landline plan is currently)

    • trumwill says:

      You’re mistaken, Peter. I have the second highest tier on Directv and no HBO (after an introductory period).

  3. Michael Drew says:

    Maybe the guy… shouldn’t spend a year in prison for that.

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