dumbherePuppies are so great. You get them when they’re so tiny and watch them grow… into bears? Imagine the come-down, thinking that you have dogs so smart that they can sit on their behinds, only to discover…


Seattle may be getting rid of single-family zoning! Wait, no!

The Anti-planner takes issue with the new HUD fair housing rule. On which, regardless of the merits (I have no real problem with it), I continue to believe represents a liability to Democratic unity.

Here’s a list of less urban places thatlawyers should maybe consider.

It used to be that whenever I took one of those “Which party should you belong to” quizzes, I’d get the Natural Law Party. Maybe that’s what fuels my (so far unsuccessful) desire to like Rand Paul. (I sometimes still use the NLP as a dodge to “Are you a Republican or a Democrat?” questions when I don’t want to answer them.)

Atticus Finch’s name is being tarnished due to the release of Go Set a Watchman, but the seeds were already there on account of his rape-denialism and insufficient liberalism in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Kate Knibbs’s identity was stolen to become a blogger.

Jesse Ventura is Feeling the Bern.

Perspective! Here are well-placed photographs that make some dogs look huge.

Vote Cruz ’16, Because Let’s Just Get This Over With.

Judd Legum makes the progressive case for Donald Trump.

Kansas City is going forward with its attempt to significantly jack up its minimum wage (discussed here). The carve out for teens could make for some… interesting incentives.

Scott Sumner wonders if the minimum wage hike proposal in the UK has an anti-immigration angle.

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