LegoHawkingHere’s another article on the Confederados. The settlement of Confederate self-exiles who escaped to Brazil.

Arindrajit Dube is a leading advocate for raising the minimum wage, but also says that food stamps and the like are not subsidies for low-wage employers.

Congressmen are hesitant to be alone with female staffers, which hurts female staffer careers.

Vladamir Putin’s relationship with Texas secessionists is interesting.

Matt Lewis argues that conservative commentators need to better assimilate.

Looking more closely at the Iceland miracle.

Fortunately, since nobody’s going to get killed over this, we can consider it provocative and brave instead of provocative and mean and reckless.

What’s up with the sucky state of American actors? Ah, well, as long as we can keep importing them, no biggie.

Though they say we still need preschool (but do we?), should we work harder at putting a TV in every home, so that kids can watch Sesame Street? It’s almost kind of funny that PBS – which is free – is one of the reasons I am itching to pay money for Satellite.

Hollywood allegedly has a pedophilia epidemic.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Macedonia

  1. Gabriel Conroy says:

    It seems the Dube link isn’t working (or maybe it’s just the computer I’m using).

    I hadn’t heard of the Confederados before. I wonder how the think of/remember Brazil’s “Golden Law” that outlawed slavery around 1888 or so.

  2. oscar.gordon says:

    Typical Americans, want all of the glory & fame without any of the upfront hard work…

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