Some Tories are complaining that Cameron is rigging the EU referendum.

Though maybe it wasn’t actually a cigarette in Obama’s hand, I agree with Philip Bump that we shouldn’t really care if it was.

John Kasich has apparently decided to go Full Huntsman, breaking several of Dan McLaughlin’s rules (3,50,52, and 65) and removing himself from my list of credible candidates.

Amber Frost reports back (sort of) from the Commie Con, a gathering of leftists known as the Left Forum.

Erica Grieder expresses sympathy for the social conservatives in Texas, who had a disappointing legislative session.

The networks made fools of themselves ignoring Ron Paul in 2012. Is Fox continuing the tradition in 2016 with Rand? I find their explanation less than satisfactory.

The Republicans should use this data to keep Donald Trump out of the debates.

Among the more surprising about-faces on the Confederate Flag: The Southern Avenger.

I don’t think the use of the Confederate Flag in southern Italy and Donetsk changes the context here in the US, but it is interesting.

I enjoyed Lion’s account of his trip to Reno.

That fathers on television are portrayed as bumbling idiots is not new to Hit Coffee readers, but the thing about working class fathers being portrayed more generously than middle class ones is interesting.h

Amazon is changing how ebook authors are paid under Kindle Unlimited, from “must have read 10%” to looking at page count. Hit Coffee patron Abel passes along this defense of the plan. I’m wondering – and kinda hoping – that writers try to game the system by adding art to beef up their page count. More books should contain art. McMegan also comments.

Birds are scary, and smart.

Jonathan V Last argues the greatness of Jurassic Park. I watched it again earlier this year, and was really impressed by the movie’s pacing.

Will virtual reality help college football players practice more safely?

Saudi Arabia is claiming success in killing US shale drilling, but production in the US is rising as the drilling costs are falling.

Damon Linker looks at Vox’s terrible track record on ISIS, and touches on just about every problem I’ve had with the site since its inception. It has a roster whose writers I enjoy, and somehow made me enjoy each of them less together than I enjoyed them separately. Also, here’s the voxiest headline ever written.

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  1. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    1) Your Erica Greider links are fished up both here and Over There.

    2) Goodbye, America (in a photo)

  2. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    SCOTUS legalizes same-sex marriage.

    Of course, the resident tranny Over There is very happy.

    Of course, he/she/it has to immediately try to push the envelope and ask for legalized polygamy, thus proving the adage that if you give someone an inch, they want a mile.

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