I discovered the Mother Goose Club when looking for some YouTube videos for Lain. Moreso than even with Dora, Lain just lights up when they start and is extremely interactive with them. Interactivity is one of the main things I look for. I recommend it for anyone who has similarly-aged little ones.

They’re well done, and a lot better than a lot of the alternatives, but man do they get stuck in your head. Many are familiar Mothers Goose rhymes, though not all. some are animated, some are kids in costumes signing, and some are adults singing out of costume.

I prefer Fraggle Rock, but it doesn’t animate Lain to the same degree that these songs do.

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2 Responses to Songs Genetically Engineered To Get Stuck In Your Head

  1. A4 says:

    That swimming pool song sure is catchy! Does Lain sing along?

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