According to the artist, this is what "the future" was supposed to look like. Sure, they got the "smartphones" right, but smoking in a public area? Ridiculous.

According to the artist, this is what “the future” was supposed to look like. Sure, they got the “smartphones” right, but smoking in a public area? Ridiculous.

A lake in Boulder, Colorado, has a whole lot of goldfish.

Is Mexico about to be the next failed state? The more curious question is whether democracy has utterly ruined the third most populous nation in the sphere.

Standardized tests are much-criticized among white and middle class parents, across ideology. But they’re popular with minorities.

Verizon is trying to unbundle cable, which has Disney calling foul.

Washington, DC, is home to some very historic gravel, apparently.

A mostly private venture to connect Houston and Dallas with HSR is running in to some opposition. I’m sympathetic to the concerns of guaranteed ridership numbers and bailouts, though not much else.

FM radio in Norway is signing off… for good.

Bob Marley’s family is launching a cannabis brand. I’ll bet a certain fictitious tobacco company is hiring lawyers as we speak.

Is Kraft Macaroni And Cheese still even Kraft Macaroni And Cheese if it’s not radioactive orange?

An NYPD officer with a replica of the General Lee has been informed that he cannot park the car at the precinct. I really wish the rebooted movie had taken advantage of the opportunity to change the design of the roof.

Liberland may or may not exist, but 250,000 people have applied to live there.

I don’t even know what this game is, but I kind of want to play it.

When we decide to make something illegal, we really need to think through what we’re going to do with the people who do not or cannot comply.

Full House is the latest “classic” to get a reboot. Naomi Shaeffer Riley argues that this is demonstrative of a hunger for family entertainment. It mentions ABC Family and how it’s kind of gone off the rails. My friend and I were watching TV a few years ago, and there was some ad for a raunchy comedy that I didn’t think too much of until my friend said “Wait, did they say ABC Family?!”

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, I said kind of the same thing about “ABC ‘Family'” a while back.

    They do re-run the Harry Potter movies and some of the older Disney fare from time to time, but their original programming is…surprising.

    Though I admit I’m still surprised at the level of raunch that goes by on your average network sitcom these days. Family Hour isn’t, any more.

  2. FM radio in Norway is signing off… for good.

    It’s basically the closest to the switch off from analog television broadcasting to digital broadcasting. Norway just happens to be avant-garde in this as it’s probably one of the few places where digital radio broadcasting is widespread. Mind you, digital radio in all of its flavours really hasn’t taken off in most countries, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see a transition like this any time soon in the rest of Europe, let alone the US.

    • trumwill says:

      I’m not sure that there won’t be a push for digital radio, as we scramble for spectrum. I’m relatively ignorant on the matter, however.

  3. SFG says:

    Here’s something I’m curious:

    Can you think of a symbol other than the Confederate flag, that is instantly recognizable as ‘Southern’ to everyone?

    • trumwill says:

      Not at all. Believe me, I’ve thought about it. When I was first starting Hit Coffee, I was wondering if there was something I could use that was not the Confederate Flag. Everything I came up with was either too much like it or not recognizable as being related to it.

      For General Lee, what I would do is replace the blue with black, accentuate the orange, have starred stripes going longways on each side (above the doors) of the top, and a Cherokee Rose (Georgia’s state flower) in the middle. Alternately, keep the blue and have unstarred stripes down each side, with an 01 in the middle.

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