By way of his selection of a Featured Image on this otherwise worthy post, Tod has more or less assured that I will not be going to the Front Page of Ordinary Times today until five more featured posts are put up.

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12 Responses to Well, I Could Use The Free Time Anyway

  1. RTod says:

    OK, I’ll bite…


  2. trumwill says:

    Fair enough. Longtime Hit Coffee readers know this, but others don’t.

    I have a wild, irrational fear and loathing of nail polish.

  3. RTod says:

    Is it the site, the smell, the concept?

  4. trumwill says:

    Yes, no, and yes.

  5. I won’t say it’s a *fear* or even *loathing*, but I really don’t like lipstick. Occasionally, my wife has to do an event where she has to wear a small amount of makeup and lipstick, and before I let her kiss me, I ask her to take off the lipstick.

    Nail polish doesn’t really bother me, though.

    • trumwill says:

      I have no problem with Lipstick. Mostly, it follows a track of “The more conspicuous it is, the less I like it”… and nobody’s fingernails are naturally red.

      (Oddly, the color I mind least is black. But only when worn in a costumy way. You know, I was raised in the Age of Goth and someone wearing black nail polish while dressed in all black… that was not the worst. If a woman is dressed particularly elegantly, and especially if she is dressed in red (or whatever color the nail polish is)… I mind least.

      But I never like it. It’s the aesthetic equivalent of windshield wipers across a dry windshield.

      • Weirdly (perhaps), lipstick strikes me as more conspicuous than nail polish does. I don’t think I notice nail polish much or at all. Or maybe I do on some subconscious level.

      • fillyjonk says:

        Nail polish generally does not bother me but blue nail polish does; one semester I had a student who was an EMT worker who had also spent some time working in a morgue and he had some comments about blue nails….

        I don’t wear it on my fingernails myself; I do enough labwork with solvents (and enough messy/rough labwork, like with soils) that I’d destroy a manicure in a day or less. I do wear it on my toenails but I pretty much stick to pink or magenta colors….

  6. In contrast to our host, I tend to cringe at seeing a young woman’s hands without any nail polish or acrylic nails.

  7. Peter says:

    I always think of long fake fingernails as akin to the practice of Chinese foot-binding: as a way of saying “I’m so upscale that I don’t HAVE to do any work.”

    • Brandon Berg says:

      In fact, having long fingernails was fashionable among mandarins in Imperial China for precisely that reason. Long fingernails meant that they didn’t do manual labor.

    • I remember at a Hallowe’en party about 15 years back, I let someone put fake long-fingernails on me. I was surprised at how difficult it was to do simple things with those long nails.

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