10. Chicken Boo – Stops having any entertainment value after you’ve seen it twice.

9. Hip Hippos – The one with Noah’s arc was good. Other than that…

8. Minerva Mink – Obnoxious lead. Has its moments.

7. Katie Kaboom – Clever concept, but repetitive. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more when Lain is a teenager.

6. Goodfeathers – Definitely has its moments, but episodes seem to bifurcate between good and kinda boring, with the latter outnumbering the former. Never terrible, though.

5. Rita and Runt – Reasonably steady and consistently good, though (almost) never really good.

4. Slappy Squirrel – The Woodstock segment, above, is utterly brilliant for fans of classic rock and Abbott & Costello. Segments tend towards the good or bad, with not much in between.

3. Pinky & The Brain – There is a reason this one took off.

2. Molly & Buttons – I am not sure I would have appreciated this one as much before Lain was born. But she was and I do. It’s also one of Lain’s favorites.

1. Warner Brothers (and their Sister Dot) – Yeah. Obviously.

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6 Responses to Animaniacs Segments, Ranked

  1. fillyjonk says:

    No Mr. Skullhead? For some reason, that was a favorite of my labmates back when I was in grad school.

  2. I’m amazed that you caught onto this show. It’s actually a relatively funny cartoon, but weren’t you a bit older than the intended demographic when it first aired?

    BTW, I think you neglected the Mime Time segments in your list…

  3. trumwill says:

    I left out the shorts (ie Mime Time, Good Idea Bad Idea, and little boy with the hat).

    I didn’t watch it all that much back in the day, but saw enough to recognize that it was good and so when I needed something for Lain, it was what came to mind. (Along with Tiny Toons, which doesn’t quite compete.)

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