brushingwrongEd Riley, younger brother of freshly minted Nebraska football coach, argues that football’s benefits outweigh the risk, for young people.

Wendy Kaminar tried to have a discussion at Smith about freedom of speech. It ended up largely redacted in the transcript.

Michael Brendan Dougherty argues that Uncle Sam is a horrible nutritionist.

Jennifer Deal explains that rest is important for work.

People look at me sideways when I mention Kansas and Utah as places with tech job opportunities, but there’s a there there, and as Silicon Valley becomes more crowded, I expect it to become more popular among mid-level employees with families. (Also: Austin!)

Decoding superior online dating profiles.

Francis Wilkinson blames illegal immigration on baby boomers.

Fender benders are almost a thing of the past.

David Sims ponders a Legend of Zelda TV series. I remember how all of my friends thought the 80’s series was really good. I’m glad that I have been vindicated by thinking it was pretty bad. Not sure that they could make a series that I am particularly interested in, though.

At Cancer Research UK, Nikki Smith takes the media to task for its misleading reportage on ecigarettes, and Prof Lynn T Kozlowski tells parents whether they should worry about their vaping teenagers.

The Atlantic reports on the logistics of the Antarctic winter, where you don’t bother to fly because temperature is below that at which fuel freezes.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Consulship of Constantius and Iulianus

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Re: Kaminar

    I’m starting to hate the word “safe”. The whole idea that everything, or anything, can be or should be safe is infantile. Nothing worth doing or discussing is “safe”, and if you are only focused on being “safe” then you are not being challenged or being allowed to grow and evolve.

    Actually, that is the crux of it, the more safe something is, the less it can grow & evolve, because the pressure of danger is what makes us evolve and develop.

  2. aaron david says:

    I think at this point, we can safely blame everything bad on the boomers.

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