has a list of the hottest US presidents. It cheats a little with some of the pictures, showing them when they were younger. Franklin Pierce grew into a clone of Mitt Romney, which is reasonably attractive, but nothing like the photo presented. I’m on board with the top five, more or less, but it kind of goes off the rails after that.

I’m rather shocked by George W Bush being in the top ten. I’m also a bit surprised to see Taft and Cleveland, our two most obese presidents, avoid the bottom of the list.

Relatedly, here is a list of presidents who were hot when they were younger. Teddy Roosevelt’s position on this list makes more sense. When I was audioreading How Few Remain, which features a young TR, I never got away from envisioning the older version. He actually looked like an actor I can’t quite place. Can you place him?


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  1. He looks kind of like Brad Pitt. Or maybe like the guy that played John Boy in the Waltons.*

  2. MIchael Drew says:

    I agree he looks like someone. Let me think about who.

    When I was watching The Roosevelts last fall, I remember seeing Young Teddy and thinking, My god, he would be a lady-killer today. Maybe he was then, but I kind of think that the extreme bipolar thing might not have been as intriguing to young women (or their fathers) then as it sometimes seems to be today.

    I actually kind of think it makes the most sense to do “hottest president” by who was the hottest at any time in life, because while power is hot, generally I don’t think ‘established, married man in his fifties’ is the kind of thing we’re in general talking about when doing the World’s Hottest Man thing. But since a separate list for that apparently exists, it does make sense to do one that way, and do the other with how they looked as president.

    • Trumwill says:

      Was The Roosevelts good?

      I think you can go either way on judging them, as long as you’re consistent.

      • MIchael Drew says:

        I was actually moved almost to tears by the story of the young Theodore Roosevelt. The Franklin stuff was pretty much a tick-tock, though. I don’t think I watched the later episodes on the war and Eleanor and so forth.

        And I’m obviously a bigger fan of them (FDR & Eleanor) as historical figures. I had previously thought of TR as something of a self-regarding pompous clown. And while that’s probably not all-off on Full Bull Moose Teddy, his story as a human being from childhood is really something.

        So in short, yes, at least the fist couple of installments are quite good.

  3. MIchael Drew says:

    …Looking at the sitting-president list now, I’m not sure it’s totally on the up-and-up. I think it’s going for yuks first; looks assessment as an afterthought. Which is totally okay, but I think that’s what’s up there.

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