elevatorTia Ghose writes about the relationship between the stress of strangers and empathy.

In what is potentially very important for Africa right now and may be important to us in the future, scientists are working on a steam machine that turns fecal material into drinkable water.

Who doesn’t want to read a story about beavers, parachutes, and Idaho?

You know what we need to extract and recycle rare earth metals? We need fish sperm, apparently.

Unrealistic beauty standards for babies?! The article is (I’m pretty sure) a joke, but my wife would applaud the development, as they can’t really use real newborns and it drives her crazy when they use older babies to represent newborns.

Men smoke more than women in almost all of the world. Exceptions: Sweden, Icesland, and Nauru.

If you have $1,000,000 to spend, there’s a mech robot for sale.

I have some old smartphones sitting around. If this pans out, I may be able to combine them into a computer.

Sheldon Richman argues that some libertarians spend too much time trying to feel superior and not enough time trying to actually win people over.

It seems to me that posting sample photos on a “fake boyfriend or girlfriend” site is kind of counterproductive.

Check out some artifacts of war.

Matthew Yglesias makes the case that small employers pay less.

Did you know that if you are perceived to be a smoker, you have a higher chance of getting lung cancer?

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5 Responses to Linkluster Watson 349

  1. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    Three college basketball related comments…

    1) I was watching a Big XII basketball game a few weeks ago. It may have been Baylor and Kansas. Anyway when you watch a college sporting event, commerical time is alloted to both school and the conference. When the Big XII commerical came on, it was of all of the mens basketball coaches. And they were bragging that they had “one true champion” because they played a double-round robin.

    Talk about making lemons into lemonade. They left out the part where they HAD to do so because 4 schools left the conference.

    2) I had no idea until today that Davidson was in the A10. They should send a cut of their increased rights fees to Stephen Curry.

    3) Last year I had mentioned that I wanted to go to the AAC MBB tournament if it was held in Hartford, but I wasn’t willing to go to Memphis to go see it. Of course, now that I have no interest in going, guess where they are having the tournament…

    Well in three years the B1G tournament will be in NYC, so I can go. Then again, I never went to the Big East tournament. I was going to go during Rutgers last year in the tournament, but they were in the same double-header as St John’s, and playing Notre Dame, so tickets were scarce.

    • trumwill says:

      1. I actually think it’s quite fair to say they chose to be a 10-team conference. Early on (before the ACC took action), they could have gone to 12 with some combination of TCU, Pitt, WV, Louisville, and Cincinnati. Even with Pitt gone, they could have taken the other three (which is actually what I said at the time they should do) to have an eastern arm to the conference. Even now, they have credible (if not great) programs they could add.

      2. Yeah, realignment hit all the way down. The expansion of the SBC and C*USA hit the FCS conferences.

      • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

        2) Until just now, I didn’t realize that NJIT was a member of the SBC in mens soccer. Yes, on October 11, Georgia State visited Newark to play in a conference game. -_-

        3) No comment on the bad timing of the AAC tourney coming to Hartford?

        • trumwill says:

          I didn’t know the SBC sponsored men’s soccer. I thought I remembered FIU being in Conference USA with South Carolina.

          I’d like to go to a conference tournament at some point. But it’s probably not likely.

  2. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    Anyway, the AAC tournament has finally arrived.

    The first game is between UCF and ECU and tipped at 3:30.

    Wow, I haven’t seen a tournament this empty since the 1989 North Atlantic Conference, which was also held in Hartford. Due to a measles quartantine, no fans, band, or cheerleaders were allowed in the building.

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