CivilWarPhotoThe case against coffee, in 1888.

Eerily, babies may seem to take on traits of the mother’s previous lover. Daily Buchanan says that this is not such a bad thing, though I suspect a lot of men will disagree.

Sometimes seat-pants wisdom beats out fancy Big Data algorithms.

Ariel Williams lays out what a real alien invasion might look like: disease and internal collapse.

Laura Smith was a nice boss, and regrets it.

Daniel McCarthy argues that secession is not a principle of liberty. Ultimately, it’s choosing one community over another community, and so it depends on the communities involved. There is an argument that there is greater liberty involved in a smaller community since you have a larger voice, but smaller communities also tend to have broader consensuses that allow for greater community (instead of individual) control.

Before Batman 3 became Batman forever, the groundwork had been laid for a third Tim Burton Batman. Den of Geek explains why it never happened.

Wild horses are feared to be gobbling up the wide open west.

Internet speeds in the US are improving, but according to Keunwoo Lee, the ISP’s deserve little credit.

Politics is and ever was the mind-killer.

Science and research are devoted to finding the better condom.

More than 200,000 would-be astronauts have applied to go on a one-way trip to Mars.

Do you single-space or double-space after periods? If the latter, it may be dating you on your resume. I actually grew up right on the cusp of the transition. I single-space.

Kotaku looks at how anime art has changed.

Mallory Ortberg writes of the glorious fashion of Ayn Rand.

My favorite description of The Breakfast Club is that it’s about a bunch of stereotypes complaining about being stereotyped. Anyway, Derek Thompson writes about cliques, wondering why they vary from school to school.

Matthew Lynch argues that bilingual education should be mandatory.

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