SantaLineupThe Washington Post looks at happy and unhappy cities. It’s quite astonishing that Louisiana has the five happiest cities, though I’m not actually surprised at how happy the South in general is, and less surprising how many of them are in the Rust Belt (though apparently their unhappiness predates their decline).

Brad Templeton writes about how autocars – specifically a short, cheap variety – have the capacity to revolutionize the urban landscape. And at some point, Ubering becomes cheaper than car ownership.

Scott Alexander explains how black and white togas explain political alignment, and the limits of tolerance.

In Japan, old people are in the way of young people getting good jobs.

Stephanie Gruner Buckley looks at fertility rates across Europe.

Causality is murky, but marrying people your age correlates well with staying married.

I previously linkied about Detroit’s economic problems juxtaposed to its wonderful art collection. Here’s an update.

Commute times in the United States compare favorably to those abroad.

In 1989, the Societ Union was textbook proof of how command economies could thrive.

Forest Gump was kind of a screwed up movie.

On the other hand, downtown Los Angeles is responsible for 20% of housing units built, though Let’s Go LA says that this is a bad thing.

No surprise that suburbanites commute by car more frequently than city folk, but across demographics, Americans overwhelmingly drive to work.

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  1. Abel Keogh says:

    I’d be curious as to how much religion plays into the happiness factor of those cites. According to a recent study, religious people much happier and have more ‘life satisfaction’ than others.

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