There is a monthly service that I use that I wish to upgrade from the $7/mo plan to the $10/mo plan.

They won’t let me give them more money in exchange for a higher tier of service.

To repeat, I want to give them more money than I currently do, for a service they provide, and they won’t let me.

When I emailed them to ask how to upgrade, they said “Just stop the monthly payments.”

So I did. The deadline has expired, but they haven’t cut off my old services, and won’t let me upgrade as long as I am on the old plan. I try and it tells me that there is already an active service on the account. I try to set up a new account, and it automatically links the new account to the old account, complete with a “Good news! We found your existing account!”


I am about to create an account under my wife’s name.

All so that I can start giving them more money.

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