DuckTales was never my favorite of the Disney Afternoon series, but this is all kinds of awesome:

My favorite was, without a doubt, Darkwing Duck. This will surprise few of you who know I am into comic books, but I actually wasn’t much into comic books or superheroes at the time. Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers was my next favorite, because chipmunks are cute or something like that. Talespin was after that, owing in part to the fact that I was a big Jungle Book fan when I was younger. I don’t consider Gummi Bears to be a Disney Afternoon show, for some reason, though I always did like the villain Igthorn.

I stopped watching around the time of Goof Troop. So I haven’t much opinion of Goof Troop, Bonkers, or Aladdin.

Gargoyles technically was Disney Afternoon for a while, but I don’t consider it such. If I did, it would be #1, blowing Darkwing Duck out of the water.

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  1. Since I had a younger brother that shared the room and the television with me, I was a passive viewer until the Disney Afternoon was pulled in 1997 and replaced with whatever block of cartoons started running as a part of the WB. Most of the cartoons were passable with the exception being some episodes of Bonkers.

    • trumwill says:

      Bonkers seems to be when they really stopped even trying. The tradition was that each show would start with a three-part “movie” sort of thing. I think Bonkers’ was like a half an hour with an hour of miscellaneous cartoons.

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