It’s kind of weird to see this song in a Disney channel context with dancing clowns. For those of you unfamiliar with the song, or who have never really listened to it, it’s actually kind of on the dark side.

The basic story of the song is that a girl was entranced by the circus that came to town. She “took up” with some clown and thought she had found a different sort of love that was fake. When the circus left town, she her broken dreams were left among the litter. The title of the song is “Don’t Cry Out Loud”… not as in don’t cry, but keep it to yourself and try to be strong in a world of heartbreak.

Somebody had the idea of putting some dancing clowns and putting it on the Disney Channel.

In a way, I approve.

-{Editor’s note: I have decided to discontinue the “Hit Coffee Weekend” feature in favor of posts like this, where I find something to talk about in the video.}-

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