AlterEgoRemnants of Dixie remain in Brazil, where Conferederate expatriates set up camp after the Civil War. Here’s a video.

Chinese movie theaters are experimenting with text messages on the screen to create a social viewing experience.

Is idiocracy upon us? The Flynn Effect is allegedly in reverse.

Antarctica may not be as lifeless as we think.

New Jersey plans to test the transportation of the future: solar powered commuting pods!

Halting the depletion of the Ozone layer is considered one of environmentalism’s greatest recent accomplishments. But not everyone got the memo.

A good idea: In Delaware, you can bequeath your Facebook account.

Slow down… for the dragonflies!

What potential future Detroits can learn from the fall of Detroit.

Urban heat islands are cooking our cities. Summer differentials of seven degrees for Las Vegas, six for Albuquerque, five for Portland, four for Seattle.

Some fluoride in the water is good, but the experience in Maine may be that too much fluoride is very, very bad.

Japan has declared war! Against astronaut litter.

Saturn moon Enceladus has a sea about the size of Lake Superior, now a top candidate for life.

Andrew Lilico thinks that instead of spending $3,000,000,000 mitigating climate change, we should go to Mars. Mars One is still working on getting us there.

Fraser Nelson argues that Britain is poorer than every US state but Mississippi. No, actually, says Tim Worstall, the poorest. I comment on it here.

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  1. Abel Keogh says:

    After taking my first trip to the UK last week, I have to agree with the study’s conclusions.

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