nucleareuropeTo the right: Nuclear power plants in Europe.

Horrid: Allegedly, a woman slowly poisoned her son to drive up traffic on her mommy blog.

Laurie DeRose has a fascinating piece on how couples resolve conflicts over childbearing (ie how many children to have, if any). It’s surprisingly less a gender issue (he gets his way, or she gets hers) even in countries with little gender equity. The tie-breaker seems to be, as much as anything, social norms.

Why families used to have more children than they currently do.

Harper’s goes undercover with a cult infiltrator.

The Free State Project (wherein a bunch of libertarians moved to New Hampshire) has had a little success, but increasingly according to Kashmir Hill they’re turning to technology to set people free.

Over Hoegh-Guldberg of the Global Change Institute is calling for nuclear power. With James Hansen and others joining the call , though others remain against.

The biggest problem with nuclear power, at this point, seems to be FUD. Among the many reasons I hope that progress on renewables accelerates is so that we will have a better idea of what its limitations are, so that we can more thoughtfully figure out what we need to do (if anything) to plug the holes.

I thought calling “football” by the name of soccer was a purely American thing, but apparently we’re not alone (and we haven’t always called it soccer).

An ex-con reviews Orange is the New Black. She wants to know where all the guards are at.

College educated women are getting married before having kids, but they’re the only group that is.

In China, flight attendants are learning kung fu.

The Supreme Court may be wading in on a lawsuit between Jack Kirby’s family and Marvel Comics.

Assortive Mating 1, Trophy Wives 0

Even hermits need to have good people skills, if they want to go pro.

The efficiency of negativity.

You can buy four houses in Chicago, or five in Atlanta, for the same amount that it costs to buy a house in London or San Jose.

There are 292 ways to make change for a dollar.

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